Bay of Martyrs Tony Black and Matt Neal



I’m sorry to say this book was a bit of a damp squid.

The story was predictable from very early on. The characters were the usual collection of; corrupt politicians, dodgy developers, bent cops and a flawed journalist with different women inexplicably lining up to sleep with him.

I was looking forward to reading something different, and I kept with it till the end but ultimately it was a let-down.

It starts with a body washing up on a beach. The police decide, way too early, it’s an accidental death whilst and the main protagonist, the journalist Clayton Maloney, realises it’s far from it.

When Clayton is sent to interview the Local MP about his involvement with a new development its immediately obvious that the body on the beach, the politician, and the crooked developer are all linked.

Chuck in a bent police officer who is thwarting Maloney in his investigations and the only thing that is missing is the glamorous female assistant to the alcohol loving journalist and you have a story. Oh, wait there is a glamorous assistant. Bec O’Connor the photographer.

Like many of the other characters in the book O’Connor adds nothing to the plot except for the equation of whether she’ll sleep with Maloney or the only straight copper in the book.

I have to say I am yet to read a book, that is written by two authors in collaboration, that works.