Keep Her Close M.J Ford

This is the second in the series, but the first that I have read. 

The first chapter sees DS Jo Masters at a meeting with the force Psychologist, and nicely fills in the story from the first book, so I was never left in the dark about back story.

Masters is a having the session following her last case and is eager to get back to investigating serious crimes.

When the Oxford Student step-daughter of a Member Parliament goes missing Jo is one of the first on the scene and starts the investigation. Unfortunately for her, her boss is not keen on her taking part in the investigation, let alone being the SIO, and only allows her a bit part.

Malin Siigursson outwardly shows the signs of being a perfect student but as the case begins to unfold it becomes obvious that there’s another side to her.

When the body of another woman is found, the apparent victim of a hit and run, Jo’s Boss finds it the ideal excuse to get her off the case of the missing student and teams her up with a newbie to the team.

As both investigations continue another woman goes missing. Can there be a connection.

This is a belter of a story which had me hooked from the beginning.

Jo Masters is a character that is easy to like. The struggles with her boss are balanced by the respect and camaraderie she find with her colleagues.  But as much as she is likeable she is frustrating. I have to admit to a certain empathy with her boss. 

The story looks at her return to work soon after a horrific incident.

From the start of the book there are some characters that raise suspicion. On more than one occasion I was sure I knew who the criminal was, then I changed my mind, again and again. 

M.J Ford has written this book very cleverly. There are two or three people that keep putting themselves to the front of the suspect list but then get pulled back into the crowd.

It was this that kept me reading, and I mean kept me reading. This was very close to a one sitting read, but a man needs sleep, so it ended up being two sittings.

Pages: 400

Publishers: Avon

Publishing Date 7thMarch 2019

Author: nkadams999

An avid reader since I was young and have always found time for books through, two marriages (one still current), the raising of a beautiful daughter, who's now a lovely young woman, a short (5 year) career as a seaman, a long (30 year) career as a Firefighter- Officer/Arson Investigator, and latterly as a Lecturer, on Fire forensics and all things Fire related.

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